Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Heres a recap pf whats been happening with the Bergens
we bought a new car! We traded in our truck and got it even-steven. I am enjoying it much more then the truck to say the least!

Ryan- is 11 WEEKS away from graduation! Its crunch time! He's gone from days on end between work and school. We sure miss him. He wont have an actual graduation ceramony, he'll have whats called a "Pinning Ceramony" where he'll get his badge pinned on him.

Lynette: the kids keep me busy. Im constantly shocked how much work it takes just to keep my house clean with the three lil monsters. We got a treadmill and I've begun my running again. its amazing how much you lose when you stop running for a short period of time. Im back to 2 miles, I was at 5 miles. Training for the Turkey Trot, I sure hope I make it. I my lose my motivation.

Alenna: is doing great in school! Her teacher says she requires no instructions or help from her teacher, she just jumps right in and does it. She can write her full name and can write the alphabet too. Shes a great helper, constantly helping around the house. I am planning to enroll her in dance again soon :)

Brady: just turned the big three! When did that happen??? Hes a silly kid who loves mischief. He makes his sisters laugh and enjoys being the center of attention.

Shaylin: is the little sweetie of the family, she works VERY hard at making sure she's not left out of anything. Although shes very small for her age she can write and color.

Ryan bought a male duck, or a drake, to service our female ducks. He plans to sell ducklings.

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